About me

Born in 1965, since 2003 on team at Josua-Dienst e.V. in Strittmatt, Germany (founded by Christoph and Utta Häselbarth), since 2013 associate.
Previously, I spent 2 years in Russia as a volunteer (‘fisherman’) with Ebenezer–Operation Exodus and 16 months in England, mostly as volunteer (chef) at Ellel Ministries. On various trips, I spent 14 weeks in Israel on conferences and tours - not only as participant, but in various occasions also provided simultaneous translation for German-speakers.

What I love to do is translating books, articles, or letters, or refining German translations from English or Russian; I also offer help with writing one’s own teaching or biography, that is, in German. Every now and then I am asked to translate a letter or newsletter into English or Russian; in any case, I always give my best.

Since 2004, I have been translating the quarterly bulletin of Ebenezer Emergency Fund International into German.

In 2008, I started translating books or working on raw translations, e. g. books from Bill Johnson, Martin Smith and Ben F.Gray as well as the memories of the Ukrainian holocaust survivor Karl Epstein; but my favorite is ‘translating’ German scripts into German – that is, good ideas deserve an excellent presentation. Whatever the original language, I seek to make the book easy-to-read and easy to understand: rather short and clear sentences, good grammar and spelling, appropriate language, plausibility.

Good books usually offer new impulses the reader may not be used to; so the appearance should be as trustworthy as possible. Of course, the same standard applies to translations! Appearing questions I would discuss with the author or the editor. After all, I myself want to understand what I am working on so every future reader might have that chance as well.

I would be glad to serve God even in co-operation with you.

God bless you,

Gabriele Pässler                                                                      

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